Diploma in sport science

I began my studies (diploma degree) at the German Academy of Sports in Cologne in 2004 with the focus “Training and Performance“. During my studies I specialized in the area of “endurance abilities“ especially concentrating on training in high-performance sports. My diploma thesis covered the topic “State of research and application aspects for velocity performance under particular consideration of the high-performance sport table tennis”.

DSHS personal trainer

Between September 2009 and February 2010 and in parallel to my studies at the German Academy of Sports in Cologne, I finished my education as a personal trainer. Amongst others, key aspects were the newest scientific findings in the fields of anatomy, physiology and performance diagnostics as well as in the area of nutritional science and endurance and strength ttraining, respectively. My training is targeting to achieve individual goals most efficiently and within the optimal time frame by individual and therefore tailor-made training concepts and planning.

DOSB athletic trainer

Recommended by the German Tabletennis Association (DTTB), the Trainer Academy of Cologne of the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) educated me as a certified athletic trainer of the German Olympic Sports Association in 2011/ 2012. The education was targeting the athletic requirement profile of athletes in high-performance sports. Since then I am working in the trainer team of the nationa team (male) of the DTTB. As an athletic trainer I individually and precisely prepare the players for the physical and specific strain in the high-performance sport table tennis.

A-Licence trainer

Parallel to my studies at University of Cologne (biology) and German Academy of Sports in Cologne (diploma in sport science) I was qualified as a licenced A-trainer by the German Tabletennis Association and successfully passed my final exam in Heidelberg, Germany in 2009. With this highest qualification available in the high-performance sports of tabletennis I am able to work and train with professional players on an international level.
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