Please let me introduce my work and myself. My mame is Benjamin Schmitz. After my studies and graduation (diploma) in sports science at the German Academy for Sports in Cologne (DSHS) and further studies of Biology at University of Cologne I started to intesify my professional approach as a personal trainer in 2010. I joined the high-performance sports as an athletic and endurance trainer of the table tennis national team (male). Amongst others I prepare the athletes for European Championships, World Championships and the Olympic Games. Within the meaning of performance optimization I ensure a precise maximization of the individual physiological performance potential of the athletes. This leads to an exact readiness in a competition with highest physical strain. As a personal trainer of the actual no. 4 in the world and the bronze medal winner of the Olympic games 2012 in London, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, I was able to significantly increase the performance level and therefore we celebrated numerous sucess stories since 2010.My team and I, as their coach, are the first ones in history to beat the Chinese team in the World Championship of School Table Tennis in Israel in 2016 to become world champion. Of course my work doesn’t only take place in the area of high-performance sports, but will enable everyone, who is looking for an individual training plan and supervision, to improve the own quality of life and to achieve or even overachieve personally set goals in the most efficient way.
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